End of Month Update!!

Height- 5′ 2″

Current Weight- 138.8

Bust- 36

Waist- 27

Hips- 40

Left Thigh- 23.75

Right Thigh- 24

Left Calf- 15

Right Calf- 15

Left Bicep- 11.5

Right Bicep- 11.25

Body Fat % (rough calculation.. I don’t have calipers)- 26.05%

What are your goals for June?

2 thoughts on “End of Month Update!!

  1. Nice work Catniss!!! I have enjoyed your blogs for the past month, its nice to see you just being yourself. You are becoming really natural on camera now as well!So thanks for being such a great friend, blogger and cheese farmer as well ♥


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