A Couple’s Bucket List

In an earlier post I talked about my personal bucket list . When my husband and I started dating we started couples bucket list based on the idea that we are hellbent on never becoming stagnant in life or in our relationship. As we experience new things our list continues to grow, but I thought I would share what we have so far!

1. Volunteer in a foreign country

2. Cook everything is Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”

3. See Radiohead live

Because we love Thom Yorke’s dance moves!

4. Eat frog’s legs

5. Take a cruise

6. Visit Europe

7. Learn how to make sushi (we have a kit and dvd.. just gotta get around to it!)

8. Go camping (He’s been. I haven’t. He’s convinced it’ll traumatize me)

9. Learn to speak Korean (we really want to learn as many languages as possible, but Korean is at the top of the list)

10. Ride a camel

11. Ride every ride at Six Flags

12. Go golfing together (we’ve been to a driving range… but I gave myself “golfer’s elbow”.. whoops!)

13. Swim naked in the ocean… once young… once after we’re 60

14. Get arrested when we are elderly

15. Revisit Hawaii for a second honeymoon

16. Embarrass our kids on their first dates (we’re open to suggestions for how to go about this)

17. Smoke pot together

18. Kiss every time we are on an elevator ✔

19. Jump off the rock in Waimea Bay together (he’s done it alone, but we didn’t get a chance to jump together before we moved because the giant waves (I mean GIANT) started coming in before we had a chance to get to the beach)

20. Buy fancy clothes (because we both feel weird dressed up)

21. Eat at a gourmet restaurant for our anniversary each year.

22. If shit ever gets so bad in our relationship that we can’t fix it… we have no choice but to conclude that there is no hope for love in the world… and we have to destroy the planet

23. Be the greatest couple in the history of mankind ✔

24. Have director based movie marathons ✔ (So far we’ve done Terry Gilliam and the Coen Brothers. Michael Mann and Stanley Kubrick are next)

25. Buy two male beta fish just to watch them fight.  Loser has to cook dinner for a week wearing only an apron and chef’s hat

26.  Take an aerial tour of Oahu

32. Urbanspoon day once a month (this entails using the “shake” feature on the Urbanspoon app and eating at where ever it tells us. Price point and neighborhood can be set, and you can skip chain restaurants… but other than that.. you eat where it tells you) (We’re starting this month!)

33. Go to the zoo ✔ (we went to the one in Honolulu… but really it’s just “go to as many zoos possible”)


Do you and your other half have a bucket list? What would you want to be on it?


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