What Do You Live For?

Last week, fellow blogger at A La Modeand my best friend since sixth grade, Baille, attended a Shoot For Change  event in the DC Metro area. The theme for fundraiser was “What I Live For”, which allowed attendees to portray their life’s passions in professional photographs. In a participatory spirit, everyone brought something with them that represented their passion in life; the photos were put on display along with short essays about what each attendee’s passion meant for them.

Had I not been clear across the country trying to teach myself how to run, I would have loved to have the opportunity to attend such an event. Not only because proceeds went to a great cause, but I love to getting to know other people and what they are passionate about.

Passion is a powerful force that can will you to do things beyond what you thought was possible. When you find something that you brain finds so amazing that it lights a fire inside of you, it can lift you from the deepest of funks and pull you away from the brink complacency.

I could easily say that I am a human of many passions. I love cooking. I love dancing. I love music.I love getting to know people very well (I also love figuring them out before they think they’ve revealed themselves). I love movies. I love exploring new places. I love taking pictures. I love hugging people.I love being philosophical. I love watching shows on Discovery Health about rare genetic diseases and 200 pound tumors. I could go on for days. But really… as I have come to discover quite recently… all of these things stem from what is apparently my true passion: learning.

Who would have thought? The girl who has been dragging her feet through her undergrad years kicking and screaming and changing majors several times, as it turns out, loves learning (this actually could explain the numerous major changing). I can’t get enough of it. I love learning new things about people, places, things, life, myself, the old hippie that hangs out in Pike Place… everything. If I ever get to a point in my life where I feel as though I have nothing more to learn and no more growing to do.. I might as well end it right there.

And this is how I know that learning is my passion… because my longing to learn new and more awesome things prevents me from becoming complacent. It influences my actions without me even realizing it. It causes me to put my body and mind in new and interesting situations and I long to gather meaning from those experiences. I love finding new and different ways to view the world around me and everything that is in it. And I never want to stop.

So what is your passion? What do you live for?


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