My name is Catherine and I am on a quest to make my life the best it can be.

I’ve never seemed to have an easy time with life. Insecurities, depression, drama and all sorts of shenanigans have guaranteed that life for me, at the very least, will be interesting, as I am sure is the case with you. I am a firm believer in the idea that where ever you are right now… what ever you are doing… how ever you are feeling…etc.. is EXACTLY how you should think/feel/act at the time. There are no wrong decisions as long as you are doing your best to learn and grow.

This blog, along with a series of videos, is my way to share my experiences with the world as I embark on lifelong journey toward a healthy body and mind.

I’ve developed a few concepts that I would like to incorporate into my life. These ideas are the basis for the blog. Many of them will over lap and relate, but all are equally important.

Healthy Body

Diet and Nutrition- Eating enough and eating properly can not be stressed enough. It’s about finding out a method that works for you and sticking with it

Fitness- I’m not new to fitness, but I am new to actively seeking it

Rest- Sometimes you simply have to take a break. You’re body will thank you later

Stress- Stress can be both mental and physical, and it is important to develop ways to handle it in either case.

Healthy Mind

Empathy and Kindness- Bring good intentions into your life and into the lives of others through your words and actions

Happiness- I view happiness has a means, not an end goal. It’s important to smile.

Wisdom- Knowledge about yourself and the world around you can help deepen the meaning of your life.

Mindfulness- Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, actions, as well as those of others.

Patience- Remembering that everything is a process, and to enjoy the journey.

Resilience- Being able to keep going against all odds

Tranquility- To finally be at peace with who you are no matter the situation. Taking the good and the bad and accepting and loving both.


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