Revisiting a Bucket List

In 2009 I had a blog that served very little purpose except for me to ramble on about random things. It was entertaining, for sure, but it lacked direction… as did I at the time. One day I composed a bucket list for the blog full of absolutely random goals and things I wanted to accomplish. Today I looked at that list and chuckled. Some of it was pretty solid, but other goals seem silly now.

I’ve always loved the idea of a bucket list to keep track of the things one would want to do with their life. As we get older, and as we grow as people it’s not uncommon for our idea of happiness to change, and with that the things on the bucket list will change. And that’s perfectly fine. The significance of this list it to give your life a place to aim so that you can achieve happiness along the way. Happiness is not the goal… it’s not the end.. it’s the means. So this is my revised bucket list.

From 2009

1. Get married ✔✔

2. Have children (putting this one off for a bit)

3. Choreograph a decent dance and post it on YouTube

4. See the ruins of Pompeii

5. Drink a can of beer without hating every second of it ✔ (it was a raspberry lambic in a glass.. that technically came from a bottle… but a beer nonetheless)

6. Decorate a house so well the people think I hired someone (slowly but surely working on this one)

7. Own a Volkswagon Bus  it would still be cool… but it’s not a priority

8. successfully grow a tree

9. Grow, harvest and roast my own sunflower seeds

10. Have my parents owe me money rather than the other way around (this has slowly become more difficult to obtain)

11. See a professional Nutcracker

12. Create my own cookie recipe to pass on to my children

13. Visit Iceland not a priority

14. Write a memoir… or a piece of fiction loosely based on reality

15. Make photography a hobby… but be really good (I sort of achieved this… then lost access to a camera… so it’s staying on the list)

16. See the LaBrea Tar Pits

New Editions in 2012

17. Complete a 5k and a mud run (someone PLEASE do a mud run with me!!!!!)

18. Do this epic yoga pose


19. Go on a cruise

20. Do some volunteer work

21. Have someone want to pay me for a photo I’ve taken

22. Eat at a fancy gourmet restaurant

23. Cook food that looks/tastes like a fancy gourmet restaurant

24. Raise children that are comfortable in their skin and proud of who they are.

My husband and I have a joint bucket list we complied.. I’d share it but it’s somewhere on his computer. But I do think it includes getting arrested as elderly folk and destroying the world if we let our relationship fail…

I have no clue if I will achieve all of these things. Maybe in three years I’ll go back and get rid of a few of them again. Who knows. But honestly, looking at my list… it looks like if I even attempt any of them, I’ll be living a fun and happy life.. and that’s the real goal.

So what’s on your bucket list?